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Hurricanes Travel Softball

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LITH Thunder and Hurricanes Insurance

Use the SPECIMEN copy.  This should be acceptable in most instances.  If a tournament or league requires a specific name on it, please contact Mark Lonigro or Mike Curtin



The LITHYAA Hurricanes Travel Softball organization adopts the same Mission and Core Values established as a whole by the Lake in the Hills Athletic Association program.

It is our desire to provide opportunities for female youth athletes, ages 11-18, to develop their skills (both fundamental and advanced), increase their knowledge of the game, and learn how to succeed within the role-based framework of a team.  We stress sportsmanship, integrity, teamwork, accountability, leadership, and a sense of responsibility to team, organization, and our communities.

Our Mission

It is the goal of the Hurricanes coaches and program to develop each of our players in three primary areas of the game:  foundational and fundamental skillset, game I.Q. (knowledge of the game from both an offensive and defensive perspective), and a mature understanding of what it means to compete and find success within the framework of a team.  We are committed to helping your daughter achieve their goals of moving forward with their softball career, be it the next age level or high school, by providing each Hurricane player with the tools required to develop and succeed at this sport.

It is equally important that our players develop and embrace:

Winning is a priority to every individual and team that plays at a competitive level; however, learning what it means to compete and learning how to achieve success consistently, particularly when faced with adversity, develops character.  How we conduct ourselves in all outcomes is imperative to the growth and development of our players.

Whether we are practicing, scrimmaging, competing, or representing our team, program, or community, the Hurricane program is committed to 100% effort,  a unified voice, and providing strong, moral principles in the way we approach the game.
We stress roles, competition, and playing for the name on the front of the jersey as opposed to the name on the back.  We teach our players to embrace roles, seize opportunities,  and play for a common goal.  
There are many different ways to lead.   The Hurricanes program is dedicated to teaching our players how to display leadership in a way that is attainable to each individual.  We may not all be natural born leaders, but we can all develop leadership qualities that contribute to team success.
We believe in giving back to the community.  Every team is responsible to fulfill a Community Service Project to emphasize our gratitude for our community’s support.

The Dugout - Indoor Training Facility

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The LITHYAA Thunder & Hurricanes teams will continue to operate its own indoor training facility to prepare during the offseason.

The training facility space is designed to allow each team ample space and time for their hitting, pitching and defensive drills.  We anticipate having the facility ready for use by December 1st and will continue to workout until mid-April.  We hope that you will each find the value and enjoy the facility, which we envisioned for our players when we embarked on this venture

The facility is located at:

1201 Armstrong St.
Algonquin, IL 60102:
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National Fastpitch Coaches Association

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The National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) is the professional growth organization for fastpitch softball coaches from all competitive levels of play.

The idea for a softball coaching association first developed from discussions at the National Collegiate Women's Softball Championships in the early 1980s. Although mostly collegiate coaches comprised the organization's membership in the early days, today's college coaches are joined by high school and travel ball/club coaches, umpires, as well as other fans of fastpitch softball. In 1997, the Association's membership reached the 2,000 mark, and today there are more than 4,300 members.

Besides services offered to the membership, the NFCA works with USA Today in producing polls for NCAA Division I and high school softball. In addition, NCAA Division II and Division III polls are produced. The NFCA also conducts collegiate tournament competitions, as well as recruiting camps and tournaments throughout the nation. An annual NFCA National Convention is held every November or December.